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From both the indie rock scene and the underground electronic music scene, PHil Martins has developed a style between techno, progressive and minimal called MaxXimal Music.

This new concept was created in 2009 through the creation of original compositions. This groovy patchwork with powerful rhythmic immediately met a warm welcome to the public at various live-acts.

It is also in 2009 that he released his album named “Comeback” on every online platforms.
Quickly having a great positive feedback from listeners around the globe, it encouraged him to go one step further.

That’s why, PHil Martins has developed in parallel a performance between DJing and live act, mixing his own compositions with other tracks of the same style.

Using an iPad, a Wii guitar and synths, PHil Martin has its Electronic MaxXimal set for lovers of music that beats, that flies, that electrifies … Anyway an inventive, pulsive and very responsive performance that leaves no one indifferent, for sure!

In October 2010, PHil Martins became dj resident for the Halles de l’Ile in Geneva. He quickly won the audience recognition and the dancefloor always got crazy.

Since February 2012, PHil Martins joined the Privat Records label, four titles have been released via this link so that his music successfully gained a new audience.

In March 2013, PHil Martins created the MaxXimal Music label with the help of Sarah De Galanz. This label proposes the very last tracks of PHil Martins, but also other artists in the same concept. In May 2017, MaxXimal Music released its fourth release.

In November 2016, PHil Martins began to manage “La Notion Du Temps” parties which include many animations like dancers, percussionists, singers and a whole concept about loosing track of time while dancing.

PHil Martins plays a techno maxXimal sound, but he also likes to get transported in sounds which are more electro and warm. He’s working today to be more recognized as an international artist, to play abroad as much as possible with his label and still continue to transmit his passion.

They have benefited: Weetamix, Overground Festival, Baby Boa, Le Village Du Soir, La Chambre TV, Festival Electro, Street Parade Train, MAD, Halles de l’Ile, Redzone, Jetlag, Les Voiles, Fêtes de Genève, Good Living Caves, Bataclan, Fête de la Musique Genève and many more …




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